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Syeda Mehreen


There is a great need and huge potential for qualified candidates in the department of Science and IT in India. I wish to bring awareness and help every woman out there who, regardless of their dedication, are forced to stay indoors because of the norms of the society. I believe my story can help them raise a voice and take one step towards success and equality.


Advancement in career is the goal of every human being. The ways of upgrading skills is either through education or through work experience. At MSRF, I've got an opportunity to contribute significantly to the field of Science as well as Humanities. Being a passionate student of Engineering, Science and Technology, I am trained in core computer languages such as C, C++, Java, Python and Machine Learning. My goal is to become an inspiration in this prestigious Organisation contributing in Research and Development. With the necessary skills, I am confident of taking every right opportunity coming my way.





JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru.

Name of the


My Experience at Madras Scientific Research Foundation is  

I've been a part of MSRF for about 6 months. I have learnt so much about the ongoing Technology which includes Machine Learning, Object Detection using TensorFlow and 3D Printing. MSRF has strengthened my knowledge, upgraded my skills that I had learnt so far and helped me enable to achieve my ambition of being at the forefront. Most Importantly it has taught me to look life in a different perception - the perception to work hard for a cause rather than for money. I hope my role in MSRF will refine me to take care of my duties and responsibilities in a proficient and a virtuous way. I look forward to a fruitful association with this Organisation.

I am passionate about 

Software Development and Coding, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

My Research Interest are

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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