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Shaheen Thimmaiah Palanganda


The sky isn't the limit

Research Fellow

Major in Aeronautical Engineering. Minor in Aerodynamics





Manipal Institute of Technology

Name of the


My Experience at Madras Scientific Research Foundation is  

MSRF, though a fairly new organization, has very knowledgeable mentors and significant goals that are soon to be achievements. Having worked with the team before, I can safely say that the work atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable. I have been given a chance to lead a team and it is here that I can develop my skills in various fields. My mentors have pushed me to pursue fields that I was quite hesitant to delve into and so far it has been an amazing experience. The brainstorming sessions where we get to exchange our ideas with our fellow interns is one of the things I enjoy the most. With abundant facilities such as 3D printers and Arduino kits and the freedom to express and utilize those facilities to create something beneficial to society and education, in general, is what I respect about this organization. Taking part in competitions and encouraging research is what this organization stands for and I hope to contribute significantly to its cause.

I am passionate about 

Contributing to innovative technologies in the Aerospace and Renewables Field.

My Research Interest are

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind Energy, Additive Manufacturing

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