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Raspberry Pie and IoT

Number of Seats


Course length

5 Weeks


Industrial Expert or Research Scholar

Our long-term research goals have grown and developed since our respected Education Research Center began work in 2017. However, no matter the challenge, everyone remains enthusiastic and dedicated to the tasks at hand. Find out more below.

About The Course

This course introduces the basics of contemporary IoT application development with Raspberry Pi as the deployment platform. The main Objective of the course is to enable to the student to build an IoT application Requirements for the course will be met by the student demonstrating an ability to develop an application which implements Raspberry Pi which interacts with the cloud, mobile devices via Bluetooth and its environment via GPIO input and output devices. Specific features of the Course is to be explored will include the Debian distribution of Linux, particularly its networking and security models and the steps necessary to secure a Pi-based IoT device

Week - 1

Week - 1

Bamboo Ladder

Introduction to Iot, Industrial 4.0 and Raspberry Pie

Week - 2

Introduction to shell/Programing on Linux

Week - 3

GPIO, Introduction to C Programing on Pie

Week - 4

Exploring Electronics with Raspberry Pie and Kiosk

Week - 5

Iot Design using Raspberry Pi, and sensor Interfacing

Week - 6

Working with Python and Sensing Data

Week - 7


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To become expert at Internet Of Things
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