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Introduction to Web Development

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8 Weeks


Industrial Expert or Research Scholar

Our long-term research goals have grown and developed since our respected Education Research Center began work in 2017. However, no matter the challenge, everyone remains enthusiastic and dedicated to the tasks at hand. Find out more below.

About The Course

In this course, We'll explore the basics of designing web application programming. We'll learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript the building blocks of the Web, and use them to design interactive websites. Essential knowledge for most Web Careers, these technologies form a strong foundation on which to build others. By the end of this course you’ll be able you'll be design and Develop a working model for creating your own personal or business websites that allow our users to interact .

Week - 1

Week - 1

Bamboo Ladder

Introduction to Web development Environment, Web development tools, Website Structure,and Hosting. Basics of HTML.

Week - 2

HTML tags, HTML Frameworks and Designing web pages using HTML Frameworks.

Week - 3

Introduction to CSS, CSS layout, CSS selectors and Designing Web pages using on CSS Frameworks.

Week - 4

Introduction to JavaScript, Web forms, Designing web Environment and Work with JavaScript.

Week - 5

Introduction to jQuery, Designing Web Applications and Validating Form Data.

Week - 6

Style with Responsive Design, Fluid Measurements, The Bootstrap Grid System.

Week - 7

Design and learn troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques in Web Development .

Why you should join and invest your time in these classes?

Learn To Write Clean Web Codes With clear understanding of Concept and Project Development. To Understand Programming Building Blocks.
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