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Introduction to Quantum Computing

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7 Weeks


Industrial Expert or Research Scholar

Our long-term research goals have grown and developed since our respected Education Research Center began work in 2017. However, no matter the challenge, everyone remains enthusiastic and dedicated to the tasks at hand. Find out more below.

About The Course

Quantum Computation captured the imagination of computer scientists with the discovery of efficient quantum algorithms for factoring and fast algorithm for search. This course will primarily focus on the mathematics and computer science aspect of Quantum computation. The aim of quantum computing is to do computation using the quantum mechanical effects. The final part of the course will look at quantum algorithms and the advantage they offer over classical counterparts.

Week - 1

Week - 1

Bamboo Ladder

Introduction to Quantum computing.

Week - 2

Linear operators and Spectral decomposition.

Week - 3

Operator functions and tensor products.

Week - 4

Postulates of quantum mechanics.

Week - 5

Computation, quantum and classical Concepts.

Week - 6

Deutsch-Jozsa, Fourier transform and phase estimation,Simon's algorithm, factorization .

Week - 7

Quantum error correcting codes, Quantum cryptography, Quantum fault tolerance.

Why you should join and invest your time in these classes?

Learners would learn the framework of quantum computation, and how that may be useful for future quantum technologies
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